Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Best Responses Ever To A Totally Random Facebook Post (#7 Will Astound You!)

At something like 3 a.m. last night,  I posted the following on Facebook:

I hate listicles more than I can say. That is all.

I said that purely to vent; I did not expect any particular response. Facebook's method for showing people what other people have posted is such a mystery to me - I suspected that no one would even see this tiny thing posted in the dead of night.

Well, some people did. I just logged into Facebook for the first time today, and found the following responses:

All of which gave me a good hearty laugh, and made me want to hug the respondents.

But first, let's answer Don's question. Google provides a simple answer:

  1. an article on the Internet presented in the form of a numbered or bullet-pointed list.
    "a recent BuzzFeed listicle called “21 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity” has attracted more than 13 million views"

You may have already picked up on the fact that the word "listicle" is a blending of "list" and "article." Listicles have become hugely popular, even as they generate resentment among journalists who make their living by researching and writing articles that require actual thought, both to write and to read.

Besides the list format itself, listicles are often presented in the form of a slideshow, or in a format that requires you to view two or more web pages to complete the list, although it could easily have fit into one. The obvious reason for this is to generate more space for ads. This makes the listicle a form of clickbait - something presented in a way that is designed primarily to entice readers to keep clicking, rather than to help them absorb the content.

That annoys the heck out of me, beyond the (usually) vapid nature of the content itself. So yeah, I basically hate them.

Here's a surprisingly interesting piece (in fact, it's downright fun) that presents an alternate view. But I'm not going to let it change my mind, because the only reason I look up anything on the Internet is to confirm what I already believe.

But all of that is background. This is about the responses, and if you noticed, the headline says, "#7 Will Astound You!)" (clickbait!) - but there are only 6 responses above.

I love the fact that Don was curious. I love the fact that Jennifer learned something quickly. I love that Mickey, Ann and Ron all had fun giving me responses that make me feel like I'm not alone.

But we still need that seventh response. So come on, folks - astound us! And then, change our lives forever!
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