Thursday, August 06, 2015

And Now, A Word From Our Sponsor - Life, Made Better

A couple of days ago, I received a freelance writing contract from a publisher. I had no reason to suspect anything bad, but I still wanted to have an attorney look it over. So I called my law firm and had an attorney look it over. He assured me that it was ok.

That gave me an extra measure of peace of mind that I would not have had otherwise. And because I am a LegalShield member, I don't have to pay a bill. Having contracts reviewed is part of what my law firms do.

I mention this to make two points. First, that being a LegalShield member has changed my thinking. I no longer ask, "Do I need a lawyer?" Instead, I ask, "Would it help to have a lawyer?" The first question usually applies to dramatic and traumatic issues. The second question can apply to piddly stuff. The freelance writing contract was for a $75 job. That's piddly stuff.

I really, really like being able to call an attorney for piddly stuff. I like that so much that I intend to make it a habit. Because with LegalShield, I can.

This adds a whole level of confidence to my life that I would not have otherwise, and that I don't know how to describe. It's like insurance, but better. Because insurance is purely about recovering from bad stuff, whereas my LegalShield membership can make it easier to experience good stuff.

Second, did you notice that I said "firms," not "firm"? I don't have a lawyer. I don't have a law firm. I have a network of 40+ law firms. I enjoy using my Pennsylvania firm, but when I transacted business in Nevada a couple of weeks ago, I spoke with a Nevada attorney. And I didn't have to pay a bill.

I really, really like being able to speak with an attorney in any state in the U.S., for piddly stuff. Without having to pay a bill. It's like a superpower.

If you would like to have that superpower, too, it's just a few short clicks away. Try it; you'll like it!

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