Monday, October 07, 2013

Building a Billion- Dollar What?

Two big changes have occurred in my BBDE journey in recent months. Two that I know of, anyway.

The first is that I quietly and incrementally laid aside the April 2017 deadline for Luminaria Productions' billion-dollar IPO. Over the summer, I conducted so little activity specifically intended to build Luminaria that at some point I said, "April 2017? Don't think so."

Maybe April 2018.

The second thing happened within just the past couple of weeks, and it was a striking enough shift that I should have noted it right away.

Simply put, it happened one day that I found myself thinking, not in terms of BBDE - Building a Billion-Dollar Enterprise - but of BBDN - Building a Billion-Dollar Neighborhood.

The reasoning behind that notion is that on the path toward becoming a BBDE, Luminaria will employ a bunch of people, but not necessarily as employees. Much of the work to be done can be - and perhaps should be - done by independent contractors, by people who own their own businesses, and whose work for Luminaria can strengthen their ability to get work from other companies. As they grow and get better, their work for Luminaria will get better, and they may themselves hire people.

So it seems to make sense that Homewood could become a billion-dollar neighborhood before Luminaria becomes a billion-dollar enterprise.

I like that idea very much. I like it enough to think that it may be worth promoting, to begin injecting into people's brains. What would it take for Homewood to become a billion-dollar neighborhood? Could one neighborhood be home to, say, 50 $20 million businesses? What would it take to grow 50 $20 million businesses?

How can Luminaria Productions help other Homewood businesses to grow?
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