Friday, November 02, 2012

NaNoWriMo, Day 1

From total fear, I simply began writing.

At points, I found myself - as in this moment - pausing perhaps too long to try to figure out the exactly right word. At other points, it flowed more easily. And now and then became downright fun as I began re-experiencing the fun - ah, go ahead and say it, the joy - of writing, of letting words surface themselves in ways that delighted me.

I am at the very least, pretty good.

Remembering a story in TV Guide in - 1980, I think - in which Martin Sheen was quoted as saying, "God, I love to act!" That impaled itself in my memory because I thought then, and still do, "God, I love to write!"

So, this NaNoWriMo thing could turn out to be more fun than I had allowed myself to imagine it would be. Especially since I met my quota this day, Day 1.

Words needed: 1,667. Words written: 1,688.

Yay, me!

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