Thursday, November 01, 2012

Building a billion-dollar enterprise, 7 - while writing a novel?

8:42 p.m.
Right now, I am having fun. I am at a Chinese buffet restaurant (called, ahem, China Buffet), planning next actions for building Luminaria Productions, and reminding myself of big-picture intentions. Intentions like experimenting with the corporate form and creating an innovative corporate culture. And I just scribbled on my business plan, "The company is the product."

Thinking that way is fun.

11:41 p.m.
I have just announced to the world that I am writing a novel this month, as a participant in National Novel Writing Month.

Scared? Yep.

What's the worst possible thing that could happen?

Not finishing? That wouldn't kill me. It would disappoint me, but not kill me.

Finishing, but having it be bad? That definitely wouldn't kill me. It wouldn't even surprise me. Having it turn out well would be a bigger surprise.

So what would be the worst thing?

The worst possible thing would be having no one care.

But Janet has already said, "You can do it." Facebook friends have already "liked" and responded to my three posts announcing my intent.

I already know that some people care.

So, on second thought, since what I said would be the worst possible thing has already been made impossible, what is the worst possible thing that could happen?

Not finishing?


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