Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Do You Know This Word? It's One Of My Favorites.


I discovered "drapetomania" a few years ago, and was amazed.

From Wikipedia:

Drapetomania was a conjectural mental illness that, in 1851, American physician Samuel A. Cartwright hypothesized to cause Black slaves to flee captivity. It has since been debunked as pseudoscience and part of the edifice of scientific racism.

Apparently, Dr. Cartwright could not fathom someone having such a strong desire for freedom that they would not only run away from enslavement, but if they were captured, brought back and punished, they would run away again - knowing that they could be captured and punished again. For someone to desire freedom so strongly that they were willing to endure repeated punishments - horrible punishments - in their pursuit of it...surely that indicated a disorder of the brain.

Let that marinade: at one point, somebody decided that the burning desire to be free was a mental illness.

When I learned this word, I immediately embraced it as a description of myself - not just who I am, but who I want to be: a person driven by the burning desire to be free.

For me, that does not mean merely physical freedom, the ability to move about. That's a very big and important form of freedom, and I'm grateful that as of this moment, I have it. But it's not the only freedom.

There's also spiritual and emotional freedom: the ability to operate without the bonds of paralyzing, constricting emotions such as fear, guilt and shame. I'm moving towards that. and experiencing more of it as I go. I view it as part of the birthright purchased for me by Jesus Christ, but laying hold of it is my job, not his.

And there's financial freedom, which I would define as not needing to work in order to pay one's bills. Or to put it another way, having one's passive income exceed one's expenses. That's where LegalShield comes in as my primary vehicle - my getaway car, if you will. Right now, I'm a financial slave. LegalShield is my getaway car for escaping financial slavery.

And escape I will.

I've written before about how Brian Carruthers, in his book, "Building An Empire," says that someone entering the network marketing industry needs to have a burning desire for success, and how I didn't see that in myself, how I felt like I had to manufacture it. But if I substitute the word "freedom" for success, everything clicks. I don't have to manufacture the desire for freedom. That burns more strongly in me than the desire for success.

Last night, I spoke with a charming lady who joined LegalShield in January, and earned $50,000 in six months - the first two months of which she says she did nothing, so that makes it four months.

That stirs up the drapetomaniac in me.

Lord, help me to drive fast and hard toward freedom, and more freedom.

And to form a convoy along the way.
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