Thursday, June 21, 2012

How to make yourself pass out, in four easy steps

In the post that originally appeared here, I did indeed open with a list of four steps, then said "Okay, nobody reading this is stupid enough to do this for real and on purpose, right?"

Man, was I wrong. That post became far and away the most popular post on this blog, ever.

Apparently making oneself pass out is a thing among many young people, who find their way here through searches like "How to make yourself pass out" and "How to pass out easily."

Did one of those searches bring you here? Sorry, kid, I'm not going to help you make yourself pass out. First, because it's dumb. Second, because you could DIE.

Don't believe me? Ask Brandon Stine.

Oh wait, he can't tell you. He's DEAD.

But hey, he was 11, and you're older than that, and you won't mess up like he did.

David Nuno wasn't 11, he was 15. And I'm sure he felt sure of himself when he played the pass-out game, too. When he woke up he was bleeding from his throat. But only until he DIED.

My original post here told the story of how I passed out accidentally, and woke up in an ambulance. Weeks later, my friends told me that after I collapsed and banged my head, I stopped breathing.

Measurable brain activity stops after 20 to 40 seconds of not breathing.

So you see, I could have DIED. And knowing that I could have died makes it even more important to me, for you to know that if you make yourself pass out, you could DIE.

So - go bicycling, or play football, or watch a movie, or do almost anything else but play that stupid game.

LIVE, and keep choosing to live - OK?


Anonymous said...

Old school No.5

Anonymous said...

life isnt worth living when you get abused at home and school. So why should i listen to this crap