Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Time for another new word


It's pronounced the way it looks.

It's a play on "output."

It lives/works/plays in the same realm as the verb "upcycle," defined thus at


verb (used with object), up·cy·cled, up·cy·cling.
to process (used goods or waste material) so as to produce something that is often better
than the original: I upcycled stained tablecloth into curtains.

Up-put is an end product of upcycling - output that is more valuable than the input from which it was produced. Up-put can be a physical product, but it can also be a process or an idea produced by synthesis, as in:

Input 1. 3d printing is one of the great technological developments of our time, opening untold possibilities for disrupting manufacturing.

Input 2. The illegal dumping of electronic waste is a major problem in Africa.

UP-PUT: Some folks in the tiny African country of Togo, are making 3-d printers from electronic waste.

Holy guacamole, that absolutely blows my socks off!! Is there no limit to what HBwB can do (a Human Being with a Brain)?

I just learned about it, and am eagerly awaiting a Wired magazine Hangout On Air to learn more.

I wrote this to spread the word about that, and in the process the word "up-put" came to mind.

What do you think - potentially useful, or just too precious?
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