Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Creed and Oath of the Lifelong Learner.

The Creed and Oath of the Lifelong Learner

I was born to learn.
Every cell of my body exists to support my brain in the work of learning, and to benefit from what it has learned.
Every relationship with every person in my life provides me an environment for learning.
Every experience provides an opportunity for learning.
With such an opportunity at hand daily, the refusal to learn is at best folly, and at worst sin.

When I fail, I will learn.
When I succeed, I will learn.
In every circumstance, I will learn.
From every person possible, I will learn.
When I envy someone, I will learn how they obtained what I wish I had.
When I disagree with someone, I will learn how they reached such outrageous conclusions.
When I have someone working against me, I will learn what makes them think I'm worth the trouble.
Every day, I will learn.

And because knowledge and wisdom both increase as they are shared, I will share what I learn, that I may better learn more, and bathe in the joy of learning with my fellow learners, whoever and wherever they may be.
And when learning is air and light and food and drink to me, then...
I will be unstoppable.
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