Friday, September 13, 2013

How To Curse Without Cussin'

This happened on Facebook today: Deborah Todd, a Facebook friend and former Post-Gazette colleague, posted a rather unusual request - and her friends answered en masse:

My mother told me in no uncertain terms to stop cursing on Facebook, so I'm seeking substitute phrases. Help a chick out! P.S. Deborah Holt, if you think the Facebook swears are bad you should probably never visit the newsroom 
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I just surprised myself with the discovery that I can copy and paste a Facebook thread in its full glory - avatars, emoticons and all.

Anyway, from "Shut the front door!" to "Jinkies and Frick" to "Cheese and Rice!" (huh?), I think the FOD (Friends of Debbie) did a commendable job of coming up with alternatives to cussing, some of which would actually be more fun to say and more interesting to hear.

Do you have any alternatives to cussing to add to the list? If not - and if your mom, like Debbie's, is threatening to wash your mouth out with soap - maybe you should try some of the words or phrases above.

I mean, between R-rated movies, unconscious (as opposed to conscious) rap, broadcast television and the degraded speech you can hear on the street or on any form of public transit, couldn't we all use something of a break from run-of-the-mill profanity?

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