Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Building a Billion-Dollar Enterprise, 23: What happened in L.A.

In March, I wrote about traveling to Los Angeles to meet with a TV executive Joseph Collins about the possibility of creating programming for his network, Punch TV.

I had several ideas to pitch, including "The Laundry," a dramatic series; and a documentary about the rehabilitation of 1015 N. Homewood Avenue, a building at Race Street and Homewood Avenue that faces condemnation.

I did have face time with Mr. Collins, and the idea that I wound up describing was a reality show about the rehabilitation of 1015 N. Homewood Ave. - a project in which the building could be seen as a proxy for the neighborhood itself, and the process of rehabbing it a mini-representation of all the challenges involved in rebuilding a neighborhood.

He liked the idea and asked me to call him later so that we could discuss further.

The next day, I had lunch with my host, Andrew W. Thornhill, and a couple of friends of his, music producer Vaughn De Spenza  and architect/designer Joseph Alcasar Terrell. I told Mr. Terrell about the building rehab reality show idea and he offered his support and assistance.

I was already excited about the possibility of a deal with Punch TV. The possibility of having an an architect of Mr. Terrell's standing involved in the rehab of 1015 N. Homewood just felt like a huge bonus.

The path seemed to be clearing. My own thoughts seems to be clearing.

Then I came back to Pittsburgh. And you know what? I have to review a series of emails to understand what happened then. I did not fully understand it as it happened...

Stay tuned.

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