Monday, March 11, 2013

Building a billion-dollar enterpise, 18 - In L.A., a step forward

To get straight to it: I missed the BADWest meeting Wednesday evening, mainly because the snowstorm caused my flight to be cancelled, and then the flight that I was reassigned to was cancelled, with the end result being that, instead of arriving at LAX shortly after 2 pm, I got there about 7:15 pm.

Thursday went much better.

I did speak with Joseph Collins, not in Thursday morning's meeting, but in an informal meet and greet Thursday evening. What started out as quite a small group in the lobby of the Culver Hotel, turned into an extended evening of eating, drinking and connecting in a banquet room.

Mr. Collins arrived late in the evening, and sat far enough away from me so that I had to leave my seat to converse with him. So, after a period of feeling awkward, I did, sitting next to him. I asked questions about the company and about whether or not, given current share prices and the number of shares outstanding, he anticipates doing a reverse stock split (no).

In retrospect, I fear I spoke too much, about the emotion that can attach to owning shares of a company, about the work of Paul Zane Pilzer (in particular, "Unlimited Wealth" and "God Wants You To Be Rich")...yikes. Anyway, when he spoke about growing the company, he said that he wants 100 new shows. And I took the opportunity to share the idea, not for "The Laundry," and not for a documentary about 1015 N. Homewood, but for a reality TV show about 1015 N. Homewood.

He said that he liked it, gave me his card, and asked me to call him.

I consider that a measure of success.

The overarching purpose for the trip had nothing to do with that, by the way. It was primarily for the purpose of Andrew Thornhill lining up his ducks, so to speak, for a fashion media project that will include radio, television, events and publishing.

No doubt I'll mention more about pieces of it as they roll out. For now, the first piece is an event: a mixer for fashion bloggers, to be held in New York on May 20, 2013. The thing got oversubscribed in the first week or so, so now Andrew is planning mixers in other cities. Indeed, while we were eating and drinking at the Culver Hotel, he struck a tentative deal with the hotel's events coordinator to hold one there. Cause that's how he rolls.

And how I want to learn to.
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