Thursday, January 26, 2012

MY 100TH POST: Surveying my empire

When I sat down to write this, I didn't realize that it would be my 100th post here. But my topic seems appropriate for that sort of milestone - namely, that I've come up with a system to help me do a better job of managing my digital empire.

Maybe "system" isn't the best word; maybe I want the word "construct," or "schematic" - i.e., a way of thinking about my digital assets that connects them.

The key word of the construct is tiers. I have until kept my digital assets separate enough so that a person engaging with one might never know about the others. My rationale was that someone who is in interested in the primary topic of one wouldn't necessarily be interested in the primary topics of the others.

I still believe that, but the qualifier is "necessarily." What strikes me now is that they might be, and that I ought not to deny them the chance to be. I should give people who follow me in one context the opportunity to decide whether or not follow me in another.

So, I will now work at connecting the dots, by having assets in one tier refer to assets in one or more other tiers.

Here's the list, with links so you can take a look at things and bookmark or follow whatever you like. I'm just learning about RSS feeds, and hope to begin using them soon.

[The following has been updated. The original version had ReVisions listed as the only item in the second tier, and all the following items one tier higher. Doing this exercise helped me recognize ReVisions as one of my core digital assets.]

The first tier consists of four core digital assets. My current thinking says that each of them should link to all of the others, even if they don't all refer to each other:

  • The Dumasani Network - a website dedicated to liberating the ecclesia among the pan-African diaspora.
  • Homewood Nation - news from Homewood and reflections on journalism. There is also a Homewood Nation YouTube channel, which for now I will include here.
  • PeaceBuilder: Homewood - an online game based on Homewood.
  • ReVisions - this thang raht hyar. It refers to the other three core assets.

Second tier:

  • Twitter:
  1. @elwin15208 - refers to Dumasani, ReVisions, Homewood Nation
  2. @HomewoodNation - refers to Homewood Nation
  • Facebook:
  1. Elwin Green - refers to Dumasani, ReVisions, Homewood Nation
  2. Homewood Nation (page) - refers to Homewood Nation

Third tier:

  • Elwin Green Online - an overview of all my projects (it needs updating) - refers to Dumasani, ReVisions, Homewood Nation; invites people to partnership
  • Google+: Elwin Green - I haven't figured out what to do with Google+ yet, but I'll say for now that it will refer to Dumasani, ReVisions, Homewood Nation and Peacebuilder: Homewood.

Fourth tier:
  • LinkedIn - refers to Homewood Nation, Elwin Green Online
  • Email lists - I have a bunch. Most of them are internal, for communications within/among a group, and are Homewood-based. Therefore, they refer only to Homewood Nation.
  1. Save Race Street Committee - internal, refers to Homewood Nation
  2. Race Street 2020 - internal, refers to Homewood Nation
  3. Race Street residents - internal, refers to Homewood Nation
  4. Block Watch Plus - internal, refers to Homewood Nation
  5. Citizens Leadership Initiative - internal, refers to Homewood Nation
  6. Issue Based Team - internal, refers to Homewood Nation
  7. Homewood residents - combines all of the above lists except Race Street 2020 - refers to  Homewood Nation
  8. Homewood Nation - for members of the website - refers to Homewood Nation, Elwin Green Online
  9. Personal opt-in list - Homewood Nation, Elwin Green Online
And that's it - I'm going to try this out for at least a month, and see how much life I can pump into everything.  The primary strategy for pumping life into everything is doing systematic updates of everything. The primary prerequisite of doing systematic updates is writing like a fiend.

Fortunately, there's a lot about which to write. For updates of all my projects, email me at, with "9" in the subject line. Thanks, and I welcome your input!
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