Thursday, January 12, 2012

Happy New Year!

2012 could be the year in which my life totally explodes. In a good way.
Or it could be the year in which my life totally implodes. Icky yucky bad bad.

What would make it a good year - a great one, even?

The completion of some projects, the advancement of others.

For completion:
Short film, "I Will Love You Always" - final cleanup, distribution
Short film, "coda," - final cleanup, distribution
Book, "Black Man in a Suit," - compilation, editing, production, distribution
Game, "PeaceBuilder: Homewood," - completion, v.1
Homewood Banner project
Race Street spring tree planting
Race Street fall tree planting

For advancement:
Homewood Capital Partners - launch
PeaceBuilder: Homewood - marketing

Ha - the post is taking a long time to write. Part of me is looking at the list so far and thinking, "That's enough for one year," making me hesitate to add more.

So I'll come back.
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