Friday, December 23, 2011

Just breathe....

I'm in an interesting place right now.

My computer game, PeaceBuilder: Homewood, is slated for release within the next 48 hours or so.

I have had many ideas for businesses, and have made many attempts at starting a business. They could all be called failures - none ever got off the ground financially. I now see that this has often been largely because I was the only one working on them.

This project is the first time that I have had people working for me. Sharp people. They say that they'll deliver the game by Christmas, and I believe them.

That's a pleasant prospect. The very fact of an idea becoming a thing out there in world, for the world to behold and enjoy - or sneer at, for that matter. The point is, it will BE.

But beyond that, the game could be making money by the end of Christmas Day. Indeed, if the game works at all, it WILL be making money by the end of Christmas Day.

I'm thinking of leaving my computer turned off on Christmas Day, to keep myself from checking it every five minutes.

The prospect of the game making money is pleasant. The contemplation of how much money the game could make gets crazy quickly.

If 1000 people purchase an in-game item priced at 49 cents, that's $490. If 10,000 people purchase it, that's $4,900. If 100,000 people purchase it, that's $49,000 - nearly as much as I've ever made in a year. If 1,000,000 people purchase it, that's $490,000 - more than I've ever made in ten years.

Like I said: crazy. Then I remember that Facebook claims 750 million members, and the idea of 1 million people spending 49 cents - or for that matter, 250,000 people spending $1.96 each - seems eminently reasonable.

I just told J. that when I see that sales have hit $400,000, we're getting our passports; when they hit $500,000, we're leaving the country to clear our heads.

For now, I just need to breathe...
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