Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A second batch of Gingerbread

As it turned out, my favorite app, Netflix, did not work at all under the update, causing great distress for me and my fellow Evo owners.

I also encountered other problems. The notification icon for new text messages remained in the notification bar even after I read the messages. And last week, my phone stopped updating my Gmail account, for no apparent reason.

As it turned out, the legion of Evo owners out there experienced a host of problems with HTC's first run at porting Gingerbread to the Evo.

Today I learned that those issues may become mere memories. HTC has issued a maintenance release of Gingerbread, labeled 4.24.651.1. I just installed it, fired up Netflix and I am now watching "Twilight Zone" on my phone. Woo-hoo!

However, there is a mystery here. When I open Netflix, a dialogue box comes up that says, "New version of application is found, do you want to update?" It offers two buttons, "OK" and "Cancel." If I click "OK," the next box says "The requested item could not be found." If I click "Cancel," Netflix then seems to function normally. For now, I'm clicking "Cancel," because that works.

Even before I launched Netflix, the phone synced my Gmail, so that problem also seems to ave been solved. Double woo-hoo!

We'll see how it goes from here. For the moment, I am cautiously happy.

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