Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Just want to take note of a couple of interesting items in the blogosphere...

A blogger who goes by the name of Azerthoth has a blog named, naturally enough, Azerblog, subtitled "Adventures in the land of Linux." In a recent post, he explains why he refuses to call Linux, "GNU/Linux."

Azerthoth is braver than I am. I mean, I might say such a thing here, in the midst of ramblings about thisnthatnwhoknowswhat, but in a blog specifically devoted to Linux, and therefore more likely to be picked up on by those he calls "Stallmanites?" Not this kid.

In a wholly different world, a writer named Kameron Hurley, on her blog, "Brutal Woman," has a well-done piece on "Why Writing Colorblind is Writing White"(which she freely labels "a rant"). Being exposed to stuff like this (I had never heard of Kameron Hurley) is a good reason to belong to Yahoo groups like "BlackSciFiHorrorFantasyClub."

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