Monday, June 25, 2007

What can't you say on TV?

Okay now, I just saw something interesting on TV. I don't even know what show it was, but I think it was on ABC. I walked into the living room and this young man was talking to a group of women - three, I think - about what sounded like an unfaithful, manipulative girlfriend. I'm not 100% sure on that part, so don't quote me.

This I am sure of: one of the women said, "Sounds like Dennis just needs to grow some (beep) and throw the bitch out."

The interesting thing is what they beeped and what they didn't. I bet you already think you know what they beeped. Obviously the missing word is "balls," as in, "Dennis just needs to grow some balls, etc."

But that wasn't the word. My rendering of the quote above was not entirely accurate, a more accurate rendering would be something like, "Sounds like Dennis just needs to grow some ca-(beep) and throw the bitch out."

Obviously, the missing word is "cajones."

In my experience, "cajones" has been used as a more polite substitute for "balls." But apparently ABC feels that even the polite substitute for "balls" is more offensive than the word "bitch," which they did not beep. "Cajones" got beeped, "bitch" they sail right by.

Maybe because a woman said it.

Would that mean that a man could say "cajones?"

(I just checked - it's "The Ex-Wives Club.")
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