Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I had a piece in the P-G this morning about a workshop on commercial development held yesterday at the Homewood library. Reading it now, one might think that no women were present, which is far from true. The Homewood Brushton Community Collaborative Organization's board president, Carrie L. Washington, is a woman, as is the consultant guiding the group's day-to-day activities, Karen Garrett. And two of the presenters were women - I had included them in the story and they were left out.

In fact, I have noticed that it seems that Homewood's leadership is mostly female. Operation Better Block's executive director is a woman, Aliyah Durham. Then there's Kiva Fisher-Green of the Tacoma Street Block Association, one of the more active block associations in the neighborhood.

Other than a few ministers - Rev. John Wallace of Bible Center Church of God, Rev. Eugene Blackwell of Bethesda Presbyterian and Minister Jasiri X of Mosque 22 (I think) in Wilkinsburg - the only man I know heading an organization in Homewood is Rashad Byrdsong, founder of the Community Empowerment Association.

Oops, I guess I should include Dr. James Johnson of the Afro-American Music Institute. Okay, I should shut up - there are a number of Brothers busy, although we could always use more.
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