Thursday, June 18, 2020



This post is for people who want to see Donald Trump resign - before November. and preferably this week.

What if ONE MILLION of us called upon him to do that - IN ONE DAY?

We can make that happen with a simple website. It will look something like this:

These are the elements

1: A (YouTube?) video of someone (or multiple people) reading an open letter from We the People, to Trump, calling upon him to resign.
2: The text of the letter.

3: A signature block, where the site visitor can express their agreement with the letter by affixing their signature, which state they live in, and the date; email address optional.
4. A continually updated list of people who have signed the letter.
5. A search box for locating people who have signed, by state - to facilitate connection between people within a given state.
6: A running tally of how many people have signed.

I have drafted the letter to be posted on the site. Today, I intend to secure the website address that the site will use.

Now I am looking for people to help with the other work needed: 

1) coding the website, and
2) producing the video

I *think* the coding would be elementary enough for someone to knock out in an hour or two. Heck, for all I know, there's already a template out there that's close enough to this design to use.

(I know about; but I think this needs to be a standalone website.)

The video production is where what I want could be...too complex to pull off?

Here's what I have in mind:
1) People who agree with what the letter says record a video of themselves reading one or more individual paragraphs, in addition to everyone reading one particular sentence that serves as a refrain.
2) They submit their videos to a person who then edits them together to create the video that appears on the website - it starts with one person reading, then the screen splits to show two, then three, then four...until a mass of people are reading in a rising and falling wave that crests with EVERYONE reading the final sentence.

(Optional: music that starts quiet, and becomes a martial anthem by the end.)

The biggest challenge with this project is time. 

This one-page site needs to go live by Saturday, 6/20, for two reasons:

1) I hope to secure Rev. Dr. William Barber's agreement to make an announcement about the site, and invitation to participate, part of "The Mass Poor People's Assembly & Moral March On Washington," an online rally being held that day.

2) Donald Trump, as you probably know, is holding a rally that evening in Tulsa. If the website launches at 12:01 am, and participants SHARE HARD, then by the time the rally starts, we can have hundreds of thousands of signatures, completely disrupting the narrative.

Want to participate? DM me on Facebook (Elwin Green)  or Twitter (elwin15208). 


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