Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Channeling Maya Angelou

I have a message for y'all from Dr. Maya Angelou. It's about your president.

On Monday, President Trump made a speech in which he attacked the media, took swipes at President Obama and Hillary Clinton, and rehashed his election night victory.

In other words, he did what does all the time.


But this time, my newsfeed was set aflame by people's reactions, because this time, he was speaking to some 40,000 Boy Scouts, at the National Scout Jamboree.

That made a lot of people deeply angry - first, because the Boy Scouts are supposed to be apolitical, and Mr. Trump's speech sounded extremely political; second, because Scouts are taught to develop a whole list of character traits that many believe the president lacks (trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, reverent); and finally, because the Scouts are KIDS, doggone it, and inciting them to, for instance, boo President Obama, was way out of line.

What struck me most was not that so many people were so angry, but that so many seemed to be shocked.

Although I am a supernaturalist, I am not of the type that is inclined to say that he hears from the deceased. But doggone if, after reading a certain number of posts about the speech, I didn't feel like I was hearing from Dr. Maya Angelou. And this is what she seemed to be saying:

"Why are you shocked? I understand you being disgusted, and perhaps even being dismayed. But why shocked? Donald Trump is doing what Donald Trump does. This is what was advertised during the campaign, this is what we collectively bought - even if only by way of a broken purchasing system - i.e., the Electoral College - and so, this is what we have, and what we will continue paying for, for at least the next four years. No one should be shocked. We should expect this, all of it, whenever and wherever he appears. He does what he does because he is who he is.

And as I have said before...

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