Thursday, November 24, 2016

A Slice Of Thanksgiving

I have much to be thankful for today, including having more opportunity than most people can imagine.

I'm talking about being a independent representative for LegalShield, a company with the declared goal of creating more millionaires than any other company, and a company whose chief financial officer has pledged to pay out a billion dollars in commissions.

And one of the things that I love most about LegalShield is that both the goal and the pledge are for anyone who wants to partake of them. I love the way that the company practices diversity.

Note the second-to-last word in that sentence: practices. Not "strives for," not "seeks". Practices.

Each year, LegalShield's international convention brings together 10,000 or more members of its sales force, along with its corporate leadership. I have attended twice, and both times, I have been struck by the diversity of the crowd.

Black, white, Asian, Hispanic; native-born, immigrant; male, female; disabled - when I walk the halls at our convention, I seem to see every kind of person there is in North America.

And it's not just that every kind of person there is, is present. It's also that every kind of person there is finds success in LegalShield. One of the key features of the convention is the awarding of recognition for high achievers, including bonus checks. One person who comes onstage might thank God through Jesus Christ, the next might express gratitude to Allah. One might virtually dance across the stage, the next might roll up in his wheelchair.

While other companies talk about diversity, while other companies have diversity statements and diversity policies and diversity officers - while other companies spend lots of money trying to figure out how to break down the barriers that homogenize their workforce - LegalShield simply demonstrates what happens when you don't put those barriers up in the first place.

And that is what I love most about this aspect of LegalShield: not the diversity itself, but the way that the diversity happens - organically, in the most natural way possible, not through plans and programs, but by friends talking to friends. It just happens.

I have been privileged to bring two friends into the business this month. One happens to be black, the other happens to be white. That pleases me, because I want to build a team that reflects the diversity of the company (not to mention the multiculturality of the Kingdom) - but the company doesn't even know that, because the application form doesn't even ask about race. Or religion. Or sexual orientation.

Because LegalShield doesn't care.

Becoming a LegalShield representative is the most truly equal opportunity I've ever encountered. My challenge is to be as open as the company is in presenting that opportunity, to neither prejudge who would want it, nor to make assumptions about who would succeed.

Everyone I know, deserves to know that there's a company that is willing to pay them as much as they earn. Period. And that offers training to help them earn as much as they want.

With no barriers.

I thank God for the unlimited opportunity that has been placed in my hand.

Happy Thanksgiving!


P.S. - If you want to at least consider the possibility of living at least part of your life without barriers, take a look (click on "Sell LegalShield).
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