Thursday, June 30, 2016

Uber Gets Glitchy

If you are planning to use Uber tonight, you may want to make backup plans.

Uber drivers across the country are reporting that they are not able to access the company's online system. Attempts to sign in are being met with an message declaring, "Internal server error."

I'm one of those drivers. As of now, 10:35, I have been trying to get online to drive for about an hour. Either I have not been able to sign in, or once I have, I've been kicked off the system.

I went to the Facebook group, "Uber Man Driver Network," to see if anyone else was having the same problem, and immediately saw that a driver from Las Vegass had posted a message reporting my same issue. Over the past 15 minutes or so, four other drivers, from various locations, have basically said, "Me, too."

Uber is big, and smart, and they may fix this quickly, so this note should not be taken as a cause for panic. I'm just saying, be prepared to use alternative transportation if you need to.

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