Friday, January 29, 2016

Lemme Tell You About My Lawyer...

Meet Michael E. Fiffik, Esq.:

Mike (that's what he goes by, Mike) is my attorney.

He's also one of the partners in the law firm of Welch, Gold, Siegel & Fiffik, P.C. They're the provider law firm for LegalShield members in Pennsylvania. So actually, all four partners - Richard F. Welch, Mike, Louis S. Gold and David P. Siegel - are my attorneys.

You didn't hear me; let me say it again - they are all MY attorneys.

You know what else they are? According to their peers in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, they are all also Super Lawyers - some of the best of the best in the state. So are two of their senior associate attorneys, Jennifer L. Bamonte and Scott R. Horowitz. And associate attorney Matthew A. Boie was named a Rising Star among Pennsylvania attorneys.

Ms. Bamonte, Mr. Horowitz and Mr. Boie are all also MY attorneys.

MY attorneys are some of the best of the best in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Welch, Gold, Siegel & Fiffik work hard to hire good people, and to help them get better. So now I have more than two dozen attorneys right in downtown Pittsburgh, ready to assist me with any situation in which the use of an attorney could prove helpful. ANY situation, large or small (or as the LegalShield brochure says, "from the trivial to the traumatic").

If you don't have an attorney - if you don't have a group of attorneys - in fact, if you don't have a network of more than 6,000 attorneys across the U.S. and Canada - whom you can consult concerning ANY situation, including 24/7 emergency access - please take a moment to imagine what it would be like to have that. How would it make you feel to have that kind of legal firepower to back you up as you walk through life? To know that everywhere you go, all the time, you are rolling more than 6,000 attorneys deep?

I'll tell you how it makes me feel - it gives me a level of confidence that's just two degrees shy of arrogance.

It feels GOOD.


Last night, all four WGSF partners, and a couple of their other attorneys, hosted a reception for LegalShield associates - dinner and conversation, which included Mike Fiffik sharing stories about how they serve LegalShield members.

One of those stories concerned a LegalShield member whose house was largely destroyed by a fire in 2013. She filed an insurance claim, and a disaster restoration company came out to put the house back in shape. All seemed well until last year, when - two years after the fact - she was served with a lawsuit claiming that she owed the disaster resotration company $21,000.

Take another look at Mike's pic at the top. How would you describe that face? I would call it boyish. Maybe even innocent. Like a puppy. Well, I wish I had shot video of Mike telling that story, because when he spoke about how he went to work on the member's behalf, that puppy turned into a pit bull. Not only is WGS&F defending the member, but after reviewing all of the documentation, they are suing the disaster restoration company for violating the Pennsylvania Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act AND the Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law AND the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

You don't mess with Mike Fiffik's clients.

I almost feel sorry for the disaster restoration company. How could they have known that they would come up against a Super Lawyer - or a team of Super Lawyers - who will spend as much as 300 HOURS on a case without asking their client for a cent?

Oh, wait - you don't know about the 300 hours part? One of the benefits of LegalShield membership is that our attorneys will devote a set number of hours to defending a member in a civil lawsuit. In the first year of membership, the benefit is good for 60 hours; in the second year, 120 hours; and it increases 60 hours per year until it reaches 300 hours. If you assume that a decent attorney - not a Super Lawyer, just a decent attorney - will cost $250 an hour, then when you become a LegalShield member, you essentially set up a legal defense fund that has $15,000 in it from Day One, and that grows to $75,000.

For $19.95 a month.

That's like getting a guaranteed 6,000+% return on an investment in the first year, and having it go up from there.

If you would like that kind of value for your money - not to mention the sense of confidence that comes with having a team of Super Lawyers on your side - you can get it right now.

Given how easy it is to get sued in this country, I don't understand anyone who has $20 a month of disposable income choosing not to have that benefit, choosing not to receive that value, choosing not to make that investment. Indeed, I believe the day is coming when having a legal plan will be commonly viewed as part of being a responsible adult, like having a life insurance plan, a health insurance plan, or a car insurance policy.

I'm glad that I'm already there, because I tell you what - I wouldn't give up MY Super Lawyers for anything.
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