Monday, July 06, 2015

B.C. and Me, Part 3: Getting Excited

It has been way too long since I wrote anything here about LegalShield. I'll catch up over the next few days, Lord willing and da crik don't rise.

Brian Carruthers' book, "Building An Empire: The Most Complete Blueprint to Building a Massive Networking Business," continues to inspire and challenge me. I still have to work at maintaining a stance of teachability as I re-read portions of it.

He makes much of the fact that in network marketing it is critical to follow the system that the company you're working with has in place.

While he never names LegalShield specifically, the system he describes looks totally like LegalShield's system to me. It consists of seven steps:

  1. Get excited
  2. Make your list
  3. Book a Private Business Reception (within first 3-5 days)
  4. Book a Private Conference Call (within first 3-5 days)
  5. Weekly Business Briefing
  6. Trainings (Events and Calls)
  7. Corporate Convention
There's more, but he treats other things as ancillary to what one graphic calls the "Seven Step Funnel."

Now, about that first step...

As I've said before, in high school I was so strongly emotional that sometimes I wished I could be like Star Trek's Mr. Spock. When the Army sent me to Okinawa, I became involved with Campus Crusade for Christ, whose teachings helped to deepen my distrust of my emotions. A single image, in particular, burned itself into my brain. It looked something like this:

The idea of it was that we should base our faith on facts, not on feelings; that when our faith lines up with facts, the appropriate feelings will follow. But I took it to mean more: that feelings should be ignored.

That led to a lot of bad stuff for a long time.

I am learning to pay attention to my feelings without being controlled by them (I think). But still, when I saw that the first step of the system was to "get excited," I recoiled. The idea of willing oneself into a specific emotional state as part of a system for conducting a business repulsed me. Indeed, it sounded cultish.

Until I thought about it a little more, and realized that we talk ourselves into emotional states every day. That performing artists will themselves into emotional states before going onstage. That athletes will themselves into emotional states before going onto the field or the court. That soldiers will themselves into emotional states before a charge. That emotions energize motion, that they are fuel for action. That, in short, emotions are always in play, and it is advantageous to play them well.

Then I thought about it a little more more, and realized that in order to get excited, I simply had to contemplate the facts about LegalShield:

  1. We offer people the opportunity to gain wisdom, power and prosperity via access to the legal system for a monthly cost that is less than that of a night at the movies. 
  2. We offer identity theft detection, and have licensed investigators who will do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to restore a member's identity to its prior condition after a breach.
  3. As a LegalShield rep, I can get paid well, get paid daily and get paid forever.
  4. As a LegalShield rep, I can get paid well, get paid daily and get paid forever on someone else's work.
  5. The company has a declared goal of creating more millionaires than any other company.
  6. I have begun doing the things that reps who have already earned $1 million or more did to get there.
  7. A survey indicates that 60% of Americans would like to have a legal services plan if they knew that such a thing existed. Our market penetration is less that 2% of the population. That means that 58% are just waiting for someone to tell them about it.
  8. The company's new mission statement speaks of helping people to gain life-transforming skills, and the title of the corporate business opportunity presentation now has the phrase, "a powerful journey." These suggest that LegalShield is positioning itself as a personal development company for its reps. I have always wanted to help people do better at life; sponsoring associates may become my best way of doing that.
You know what? I'M EXCITED.
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