Thursday, November 21, 2013

RANDOM THOUGHTS: on behalf of vets

I'm witing this from my car, on my phone.

I just passed a man standing on the median in the middle of the street, holding a sign which I couldn't make out. Then, just yards away, a second man doing the same thing.

And although I couldn't read either man's sign, I have seen enough men holding signs while standing in the middle of the street to guess that at least one of the signs said "vet." And that the men were homeless.

And then it hit me: I should not be able to make both of those assumptions at the same time. The phrase "homeless vet" really and truly ought to be an oxymoron. Especially for any vet who has been in combat, it ought to be a given that homelessness is for them as dryness is for water: opposite to their very being.

A movement to make "homeless vet" a universally-recognized oxymoron is one that I would gladly join.
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