Sunday, July 14, 2013

Justice for Trayvon: a to-do list

Some thoughts about things to do beyond protesting, for those who consider George Zimmerman's "not guilty" verdict unjust:

1. Support Trayvon Martin's family in their civil lawsuit against George Zimmerman, in whatever ways you can.

2. If you live in Florida, besiege your legislators with a demand to repeal the "Stand Your Ground" law. Tell them that if they don't, you will fire them in the next election.

3. Alternatively, if you live in Florida, tell your legislators that if they don't repeal "Stand Your Ground," you'll leave and take your tax revenues with you. Then polish your resume. As a friend of mine once said, "We're not trees."

4. If you do not live in Florida, boycott Disney World. Boycott Universal Studios theme park.

5. Boycott Florida. Anything that you buy that comes from Florida, begin buying from somewhere else. And tell every Florida company that you used to buy stuff from, what you're doing and why: "I cannot and will not support the economy of a state whose laws enable such injustice."

6. Buy shares of The Walt Disney Co. (ticker: DIS) and Universal Studios (MCAI). Join with other shareholders to put forth a resolution demanding that the companies publicly support the repeal of "Stand Your Ground." Attend the companies' annual meetings and raise holy heck.

7. If you do not live in Florida, check to see if your state has any "Stand Your Ground" - type laws on the books or in the works (Pennsylvania does). If so, work with like-minded people to repeal/prevent them.

8. If you do any of the above, ask everyone you know who you believe is like-minded to join you in doing them. Because none of these actions is likely to be effective unless hundreds, if not thousands, of people do them.

I'm starting with #1 - I'll keep my eyes/ears open for initiatives to support the family. And I'm going to check on the status of Pennsylvania's "Castle" doctrine (#7).

Will you join me in those? Would you do any of the others? Do you have other practical ideas?
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