Thursday, December 20, 2012

Wisdom from slime.

This weird item was reported in several places; I'm going with the piece from autobloggreen (that is exactly how the name appears on the website. The kind of cleverness that dispenses of upper-case letters and spaces between words doesn't impress me, it annoys me), about how slime mold has been shown to mimic, if not precisely replicate, the interstate highway system.

I found this of particular interest because I consider the interstate highway system, overall, to be one of humanity's greatest achievements, both in engineering and in construction.

The barely-animate mold's evocation of that engineering and construction makes for a cool bit of strangeness, so please take a look (unless it reminds you so much of Greg Bear's "Blood Music" that it genuinely scares you. You're welcome.).

Anyway, this is what struck me most from the brief text:

"Once it's created a spider web-like network of tendrils, the mold maintains and strengthens whichever tendrils take the most direct or efficient paths to the food and withdraws the rest."

Wow. Discover efficiency, then delete inefficiency. DEDI.

Let me learn that.
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