Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Kilolo Luckett and I are in the home stretch for "Hidden Gems: The Architecture of Homewood," which happens Sept. 15.

I sent out an email asking for volunteers, and Kiva A.Fisher-Green, from Homewood but now in Atlanta, said that I could post the info on her Facebook Timeline.

I just did.

It took me an hour.

Actually, it took longer than that if I count the time I spent last night thinking about it and making my first attempt before deciding to wait until this morning to post.

My first attempt didn't work because I tried to post a PDF, when I needed to post a JPG.

It took me an hour this morning largely because I was tied in knots about posting to someone else's Timeline.

I know: that's utterly common on Facebook. But I have never been comfortable with the practice; it has always seemed to me an odd thing to do. A person's Timeline, I have felt, is THEIR platform for what THEY want to share, not an open platform for anybody to come along and post anything. Which is what often seems to happen.

The fact that Kiva gave me permission made it bearable for me to post to her Timeline, but it didn't make it easy.

Does anybody else share my queasiness about Timelines? Is it just me?


Hold on. Can it be that I haven't mentioned "Hidden Gems" here?

I forget that I have different audiences, that a reader here might not have seen references to "Hidden Gems" on Facebook or on "Homewood Nation."

So, what is "Hidden Gems?" A panel discussion about architectural treasures to be found in a neighborhood where most people would never look; followed by a reception. All free and open to the public.

It is also the first event in the Homewood Arts and Culture Series, a series of events celebrating Homewood's artistic and cultural legacy, being created by Kilolo and myself, working together as Creative Local.

It's going to be a great event. The question is, how well can I avoid tying myself in knots over it?


Maybe I can't. Maybe it's necessary for me to be perpetually nervous over the next few weeks, because I've not done this before. The next time, I'll do better. The next time, I'll be better.

It's already time to start on the next time. Gotta pick up the pace, operate in a higher gear.

Hah - fifth gear. (That's a joke to myself, about Level 5. I'll explain later.)

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