Saturday, July 30, 2011

Visitors in the Night

Holy....I'm in my office, which is on the third floor of my house. I just heard noises outside that I didn't pay much attention to at first, because I thought it was the wind blowing things around or the house settling. Then the noises became more distinct, and closer. Then it was clear that something or someone was right outside my third-floor windows, on the roof of the second-floor kitchen, scratching, moving against the screen. I peered, I squinted, I tried not to have a doggone heart attack. I saw a shadow, curved like the silohuette of a perching cat. But it wasn't a cat, was it? Then a second shadow, moving. If I could see them out there in the dark, then surely they could see me in the light of my monitor. Move slow, move quiet, grab cell phone, pull up flashlight app.....

What the....RACCOONS?! SRSLY?? On the roof of my second-floor kitchen?

Yeah. Raccoons.

Heartbeat's now approaching normal again, and I am going to approach bed. This semi-old guy has had enough excitement for one night.
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