Wednesday, January 19, 2011


My friend Andrew W. Thornhill alerted me to this piece at, "Aggregation, Make Way for Accumulation."

A couple of things struck me right away:

- accumulation is something that anyone can do.
- accumulation may take a long period of time, but it need not take much time; that is, it can happen in really small increments of time.
- accumulation can be quite inexpensive
- whatever your intentions at the outset, you never know where accumulation will lead (seriously, who would have come up with, Julia Child recipes=Meryl Streep movie?)
- accumulation sounds a lot like NYU media prof Jay Rosen's "100 Percent Solution" for innovation in journalism
- I've experienced some accumulation myself and have a head start on experiencing more of it, simply by virtue of having a blog, a website, and a few twitter IDs.

I have long wanted the Post-Gazette to become more innovative than I have known it to be. But maybe *I* need to be more innovative than I have been.

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