Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Last night I decided I wanted some background music while I was working in my office, so I fired up iTunes and the New American Orchestra's recording of music from "Blade Runner." As it began, I remembered that this is one of my all-time favorite recordings. But more than that, I remembered that "Blade Runner" is one of my all-time favorite movies, that I feel I could watch it endlessly - just pop it into a DVD player and let it loop (I have done this with "2001: a space odyssey," but offhand I can't think of any other movies so visually compelling). That put me in the mood for some "Blade Runner" fanboy chatter, so I went to on the mere assumption that that would be the place to go.

Well, unless it's changed since then, you probably just saw that there's nothing there, not even a placeholder.

I thought that was really, really weird. Why in the world would the obvious web address for such a classic, seminal, cult-inspiring film be null and void?

I think I just found out why.

Filmmaker magazine's blog has an item saying that Ridley Scott and company are preparing to release "Blade Runner: The Final Cut." Mr. Scott's ultimate realization of his vision will debut theatrically in New York and L.A. (of course) on October 5, and will land on DVD September 18, in three separate editions - one with 2 discs, one with 4, and an Ultimate Collectors Edition.

My innards bulged with desire. I want to go to New York October 5. I want the Ultimate Collectors Edition. I am, at the moment at least, downright irrational about this movie. I want to see every version, all of the deleted footage, I want to listen to all of the commentaries, everything. I want to become the total scary "Blade Runner" geek.

For now, I eagerly await the debut of what I presume will be the ultimate "Blade Runner" website,

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